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FlapSpeed® PRO (Motor type)

  • Accurate rotating speed control to proceed stable peening

FlapSpeed® PRO

  • Digital display
  • You can control flapper-rotating speed through the monitor.
  • Displays intensity, timer and other status.
  • Setting of intensity and rotaing speed
  • You can specify certain rotating speed manually.
  • Or, you can specify target intensity to automatically set rotating speed.
  • Alarm
  • Ensures stable rotating speed by alarm.
  • Equipment stops with alarm when it fails out required rotating speed.
  • Other function
  • You can generate saturation curve by imputting the intensity at "Saturation Curve Menu".

Inspect View Camera

Inspect View Camera
  • Enables you to see in the narrow part where you cannot directly see.
  • Check the coverage in the monitor.
  • You can check coverage easily in the 8.9cm monitor
  • Small camera (dia 5.8mm ) with LED light.
  • Easy to measure the coverage inside the hole.
  • 1GB memory card is available to record videos and images
  • You can save the data in your PC by USB.
Inspect View Camera
    TOYO SEIKO is a distributor of SHOCK FORM in Asia

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