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Conditioned Cut Wire Shot

  • Conform to the specification of
    [SAE AMS2431]
    [SAE J441]


  • Shot peening, hard shot peening, shot blasting


  • Steel, Stainless steel, etc


  • High durability - reduces manufacturing time and cost
  • Stable peening effect because of uniform hardness and particle size
  • Low breakage and less dust contribute to a better environment,(ISO14001)
  • High hardness Conditioned Cut Wire Shot is most suitable for hard shot peening to obtain high compressive residual stress.
  • Toyo Seiko is the only company in the world to manufacture such hard shot media as hard as HV800.
  • Please click here to see "Services : Shot peening process and inspecting compressive residual stress"
  • Reduces consumption (qty) and maintenance cost without damaging the machine by using Low Hardness Cut Wire Shot (HV100-200, HV200-300)

  • Maximum diameter. 3.0mm
  • Standard Size (diameter) is listed above
  • Please feel free to contact us if your requirements for size, hardness, material, etc, are special and not listed above.

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