Ultrasonic Shotpeening Equipment

Stressonic® by SONATS


  • Saving space
    1)No need for cabinet
    2)No need for dust collector


  • Clean operation lines
    Improvement in operation ecvironment(dust and noise) because of no dust collector used in lines


  • Shot peening effect
    *Compressive residual stress induced is approximately
    the same or more compared to conventional shotpeening
    *Surface finishing is better than conventional shot Peening


StressVoyager® by SONATS

Central unit


Peening head

 [Ball type head]                           (Application sample)


Application:For shotpeening          Shotpeening for Landing gear

[Pin type head]
Bowered gun





Application:Welded toe

  • Portable type
    Most suitable for partial treatment of larger parts
  • Pin type
    Shotless peening can be conducted (No media needed)
    Because of more weight,pin type can peenform with
    larger energy compared to conventional shotpeening
    (Also suitable for reforming after peenforming).
    Pin type peening will improve the fatigue strength and durability of the welded area of Steel structure.
  • Ultrasonic shot peening videos
    Watch videos from SONATS Ultrasonic shotpeening equipment playlist on YouTube
    Ultrasonic peening solution (YouTube)


Stressonic® Ultrasonic Shot Peening Principle

Shot media on the ultrasonic device will be injected by the ultrasonic, and produces peening effect on the surface of work piece.


Residual Stress Comparison

  • Equivalent compressive residual stress
    Compressive residual stress induced is approximately
    the same compared to conventional shot peening