Coverage Checker (UV light version)

Outline / Feature

Coverage Checker is designed for easy and precise coverage measurement instead of human eyes. UV light version measures coverage by the fluorescent paint peeling rate, using 375nm UV light. This enables to measure the coverage of surface which was difficult to measure with normal type TOYO SEIKO Coverage Checker.


  • A surface that already has peened indentations, such as double shot peening.
  • Surfaces that are not easily indented, such as carburized parts.
  • Surface with the oxidation scale by heat treatment.

Surface example of fluorescent paint applied after 1st shot peening, getting ready for 2nd shot peening.


  • Easy to create recipes (measurement conditions).
    One recipe for one fluorescent paint will be enough.
  • Automatically displays the coverage% of the camera positioned surface.
  • Able to capture all coverage record in PNG file.



  • DUST & DRIP-PROOF camera

Protects the camera body from dust and water drops during outdoor operation.


Camera Specifications

Size / Weight L165 x W50 x 50mm approx.200g
Light source UV LED light (wavelength 375nm)
Fluorescent paint Fluorescent paint excited by 375nm light source
Measuring surface size 4.8 x 3.6mm (640 x 480 pixel)
Measurable curvature min φ10mm
OS Windows 10