Coverage Checker

Coverage Checker (Coverage Measurement Device)


What’s Coverage Checker?

Coverage Checker is designed for easy and precise coverage measurement instead of human eyes.
By registering visual inspection coverage results into Coverage Checker in advance, coverage value is calculated from correlation between coverage data table and captured target image.


  • Consistant measurement result by any operator
  • COVERAGE CHECKER is available for coil spring bore and narrow area.
  • COVERAGE CHECKER can measure hole inside with a special attachment.
  • Visual coverage measurement requires much experience and skill. With COVERAGE CHECKER, even beginner can measure coverage as well as skilled operator.
  • COVERAGE CHECKER is also a valuable educational tool.
  • USB connection to your PC (USB cable is included).
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.




Coverage Checker function

Coverage Checker has “Measurement mode” and “OK/NG mode”.
In “Measurement mode”, result is shown in coverage value calculated from recipe. In “OK/NG mode”, result is shown in pass/fail (OK/NG).


Other functions

Coverage Checker can record captured images of target surface into hard drive.

Independent from image capturing function, in “Measurement mode” or “OK/NG mode”, whole displayed screen can be recorded.

By clicking “SAVE VIEW” button, not only captured (measured) image but also measurement information (recipe name and measurement result) can be recorded.




Operation screen

Measurement is easy by only clicking. Access to parameter adjustment for quantification is protected with password to avoid operation by unauthorized persons.


  1.  LIVE display screen: Real time camera view
  2.  Selected recipe name: File name of selected recipe
  3.  Coverage records: Records of coverage measurement results
  4.  Coverage measurement result: Last measurement result and average value
  5.  Criterion: Criterion of pass/fail is displayed
  6.  Measurement value: Coverage measurement result
  7.  Judgment: OK/NG result on criterion
  8.  Recipe graph: Selected recipe graph
  9.  Recipe select: One click call for registered recipe