WPC® (Wonder Process Craft)

What is WPC®?

  • A surface modification technology for metal product in which the metal surface is bombarded at high speed by minute particles suitable for the purpose of the treatment and  driven by compressed air.
  • During the operation, the surface of the material  is rapidly heated and cooled repeatedly. This results in the formation of  fine, dense and extremely tough structure.


Here are several unique advantages;

  1. Instantaneous heat treatment
  2. Adhesion enhancement for DLC film
  3. Adhesion enhancement for ceramic coatings
  4. Improve the releasability and slidability for dies
  5. Forming metal oxide film with comparable hardness to ceramics
  6. Forming tin oxide films to prevent aluminum adhesion
  7. Removal of hard coating with less dimensional change


Improved effectiveness of dies Improved effectiveness of cutting tools

Example of increases in production lifetime


*WPC® is original technology of FUJI KIHAN CO.,LTD.